Total Giving, 2014

$3,834,551 107 Projects

Top Recipients

  1. GlobalGiving $3.1 M
  2. Pomoc deci $62.8 K
  3. Children's Joy Foundation, Inc. $62.1 K
  4. Internews $53.0 K
  5. Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation $47.3 K
  6. sweet treat 311 $38.7 K
  7. The Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund $37.5 K
  8. Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa $29.3 K
  9. International Disaster Volunteers (IDV) $27.5 K
  10. BRAC USA $27.0 K
  11. International Humanistic Psychology Association $25.5 K
  12. WeOwnTV $23.8 K
  13. Greatest Goal Ministries USA $19.1 K
  14. Christ Children Home Educational Fund (CCHEF) $16.0 K
  15. Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation $15.2 K
  16. GlobeMed at Tufts University $14.3 K
  17. IsraAID $13.8 K
  18. Partners In Health (PIH) $13.0 K
  19. Develop Africa, Inc. $12.0 K
  20. West Point Women for Health and Development Org. $11.9 K

Breakdown by Disaster Type

Disasters - General

Natural Disasters

Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

Man-made Accidents

Breakdown by Disaster Assistance Strategy

Breakdown by Region

Sample Projects

In Syria's humanitarian crises, women and girls suffer widespread rape and forced marriage on top of the mass displacement, starvation and armed attacks threatening millions of civilians. In partnership with grassroots women's groups in Syria and surrounding refugee communities, MADRE raised $5,410 to deliver aid and trauma counseling to women and girls, train women to document and prosecute rape as a weapon of war, and encourage them to demand a voice in peace talks.